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bannerKathy’s unique experience and approach  Kathy Moore, MBA, is a National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotist practicing in San Antonio, TX.  She has been involved in the human potential movement for over two decades.  Kathy combines work experience in a wide range of business settings (journalism, sales management, marketing research and teaching) with hypnosis, consulting, and training in a variety of motivational techniques to offer clients solutions  that are unique, practical, inspiring and highly effective.   She has conducted seminars for groups as diverse as Air Force pilots to grocers, from county clerks to nurses, and thousands of private and group hypnosis sessions.   In using hypnosis, Kathy says she functions as a cross between a computer programmer and a coach.  “I believe all hypnosis is self hypnosis, so my approach is to assist you in learning how to reprogram your subconscious mind and to motivate you to be persistent in achieving the results you desire.  In achieving these results, a variety of techniques are used.”        To find out more about how Kathy can help with your specific needs, contact her by phone or email.

website photo me1Our Philosophy  For a long time, I had an ad from Delta’s Sky Magazine hanging from my refrigerator door.  It depicted a man in hiking gear, standing on the edge of a jutting cliff, with a brilliant blue valley far below.  The caption read, “The greatest achievement in life is the ability to appreciate it.”   To this day, repeating that phrase fills me with awe and wonder.  My life has been dedicated to achieving, and helping others to achieve, that purpose.  In my opinion, this is the true secret to a joyful life.  Learning to “go with the flow” of life, to “let go and Let God”, however you want to say it… People who are “stressed out” don’t necessarily have more going on than other people, they simply choose to focus on the “too much to do” of life…or the “bad things.”   What works for me and gives me peace, is seeing it all (whether “good” or “bad”) as learning experiences, things that help me grow.  And self-hypnosis is one of the best ways I’ve found to learn to let go and go with the flow.      For answers to questions, click here.

Learning Self Hypnosis will Change Your LIFE!!   Whether you come in for hypnosis sessions or order hypnosis CDs, like the Mind Power program, you owe it to yourself to give hypnosis a try.  In the ten years that I have been involved in hypnosis, I have: learned to live calmly and joyfully regardless of what is going on around me; developed rich, rewarding relationships; learned to manifest what I want in my life and release the negatives; stopped taking any form of pharmaceutical drug; and greatly improved my health and emotional well-being.  My long-term clients will tell you of similar experiences in their own lives.  (See success stories for details.)

 Hypnosis provides the perfect weight loss solution because it is a natural weight loss method.  It also is a stress management technique that will work for you for the rest of your life.  Self hypnosis is a FREE tool that has NO harmful side effects.  It is the best self help tool out there.  You can improve your self esteem in any area of your life: relationships, releasing addictions, including stopping smoking, weight loss, stress management, increasing success and self confidence, learning skills, even spiritual development and growth.  Hypnosis WORKS! Find out what thousands of area residents and Internet shoppers already know! You CAN change your life by changing your mind…with hypnosis from Moore Inspirations.      Success Stories

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3 thoughts on “Moore Inspirations Hypnosis

  1. I would like to get some info about hypnosis fir my son. He had been going thru some tough times and would like to put them behind him. I’m hoping this process would help him. Please advise.

    Thank you,

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