Adventures along the SA River

My friend, Cynthia, my next-doore-neighbor, Uncle Ernie, and my youngest nephew, Kevin, and I went on a simple adventure near my home in south San Antonio last Saturday. We visited two of the missions, where we frequently walk– San Juan and Espada.

At Espada, Cynthia and I were admiring the beautiful and unusual potted plants outside the monk’s home, when Brother Jerome came out and spoke to us. He told us all about his plants and how he got them to grow so beautifully, how he protected them in the winter winds and in the summer sun’s scorching heat. He told us he appreciated the fact that we had noticed his flowers. Apparently, very few people did. From my perspective, it was difficult NOT to notice them.

I noticed myself beginning to pay more attention to things about fifteen years ago. That’s really the first step in learning to BE Here Now. Pay Attention.

It started for me because I started hearing a voice– sometimes yelling, but sometimes whispering to me to “Pay Attention!” When it became particularly insistent, I would yell back, “Pay attention to what?”

But all it would say is, “Pay attention.”

So I started paying attention to everything. You’d be amazed at what you can become aware of when you pay attention. Like the other day, when I was headed to Mission Espada with my friends, we passed a small airport called Stinson Field. There, about to land, was an enormous dirigible.

It conjured up all kinds of images for adventures in our minds. Suddenly we were like kids again. All my travel companions agreed we should go over and plead for a ride. Instead, we continued on our original course and let the big blimp just float off.

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