Panther Poem

Years ago, I was using an intuition development tool called objet trouve in which you stare at a household object until you get a message from your inner wisdom. In my case, I was staring at my Raul Del Rio print, “The Panther” when I channeled this poem. Try it yourself.

The Panther

The panther leaps on stilted tongue
In the quiet night.
I am the panther.

Restless, he moves
without a doubt.
Shadows upon shadows
Darker than dark.
Restless and bold
Courage unfolding…
Before time’s end.

Daring to jump, He
captures his prey.
In the quiet night,
By still waters,
No one sees.
He devours…unending.

Softly he speaks,
with cunning from centuries gone by, unlearned.

And softly, he dreams the
dreams that never were.
When unicorns flew and
fairies danced.
Beckons them onward.
Calls them to him.

He waits… in the
of the jungles.
By the deep waters.
Beyond the path,
Absorbed in light.
Too dark to see.

I am the panther.

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