The First Step to finding Balance

Back in 1994, long before I knew I would become a hypnotist, I was a traveling sales person in the bakery industry. Although I enjoyed traveling and helping people, something was missing. 

My job was fun, but it was not fulfilling. Plus I had started studying with an herbalist and was beginning to wonder what I was doing selling “refined-sugar-bleached-white–flour products.

I was working all the time, and beginning to feel like a rat
on a treadmill.

Suddenly a thought popped into my head: “ I have all the time to do everything I want or need to do. My life is filled with JOY.”

I couldn’t get the thought (an affirmation, actually) out of my head.

It just went round and round.

I would repeat it to myself while I drove to my appointments (across three states.) I turned it into a little song and said it to myself. I exuded it.
The first major change that occurred was: I lost a big account.

You might think that was a bad thing, but it was wonderful. I couldn’t stand the guy. He was dishonest, to say the least, and later was fired from his job for embezzling. That change freed up my time to work with the clients I trusted and gave me some more “me “ time.

Eventually, I got my ducks in a row and left that job to study hypnosis.

I opened my own consulting practice.

Although entrepreneurship is challenging, I have never regretted it. Even though my life is frequently too full, I still remind myself: “ I have all the time to do everything I want or need to do. My life is filled with JOY.

Remember, the secret to joy is living in the present moment. Worry is fear of the future. Regret is guilt of the past. Only by focusing will you live a truly joyful life.

Author, Kathy is the owner of Moore Inspirations. She is a National Guild Board Certified Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker and runs her own Hypnosis School. She is part of San Antonio’s Wellness Center, a group of independent holistic practitioners working together to help clients take control of their own well-being.</p>

She can be reached at (210)-735-6736 or you can visit her web sight at

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