A Sound Induction

This idea came from a practice exercise I used with my hypnosis students.  Try it for yourself.

As I practiced the experience of focusing in on …just …one…sense, the sense of sound, I realized that I could use it… to go… into trance.  And, you can, too.

So practice with me now.  Get quiet and comfortable and tune in to the sounds around you…wherever you are…

Sounds like waves…growing in intensity and then washing ashore, to the shoreline of your awareness… glistening like diamonds…

Sounds in layers… a steady buzz of machinery, at the base and then intermittently, the chirp of insects, interspersed with bird song.  Next comes an occasional car, quietly rolling by, and even more infrequently… human voices, the most unexpected of all on this quiet morning.

Sounds like a symphony…voices are flutes, birds as bells, bugs are snare drums and an odd tinkling like cymbals…all blended together in perfect harmony… the more you tune in the deeper you go…

the more you tune in the deeper you go…

So easy to allow the sounds that surround to take you deeper and deeper into pleasant memories…and fond feelings… to thrill or to chill…to adapt comfortably to the scenario.

And just as easily, to bring you back.  Wide awake… Feeling relaxed and peaceful and quiet tuned in to your own inner knowing.

Quiet easily and comfortably as you come back now…wide awake…alert and happy…feeling great!

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