“Sixty days of Mind Power Techniques #2”

Join a Toastmasters Club.  Most people, if they know anything at all about the organization, think it is for people with stage fright.  That’s true, but that’s only the tip of the ice berg.

I’m not a joiner.  I also don’t have any problems speaking publicly.  In fact, I do it for a living.  So I joined Toastmasters “temporarily” just to “polish” my skills.

What I discovered was that Toastmasters is the most cost efficient and fun way I’ve ever known to develop these skills:  speaking, listening, thinking and leading.  Really.

If you are in San Antonio, visit my club, Business and Professional Toastmasters.  We meet at The Quarry every Friday at noon.  If you are in south Texas, but not San Antonio, visit our district website at www.tmd55.org.  Otherwise, visit the international website at www.toastmasters.org.  Click on “Find a Club.”

Oh, we have a blog at http://bptoastmasters.wordpress.com

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