“Sixty days of Mind Power Techniques #3”

Here is one of many simple, fun Creative Problem Solving techniques that I have been using for years.

If you want to solve a problem, watch a movie.  That’s right.  State the problem clearly.  Then, either watch a favorite movie, or decide you are going to watch the first movie you can find or pick one at random.  The TRICK is this:  State your intention that somewhere in the movie will be the solution to your problem.  You will be absolutely amazed at the wonderful answers you will get.  And, trust me, if you PAY ATTENTION, you will always get an answer. 

Usually the solution for me is a quote from one of the characters.  But it could be something you notice in the scenery or something about the plot.

I used this technique to write a large portion of a book I’m working on.   An added bonus is that the answers tend to be inspirational in nature.  Try it and let me know how you do.

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