“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques #7”

This one falls into the category of inspirational/motivational.

Find a theme song for yourself, if you don’t already have one. You know, something that will pick you and get you moving when you feel stuck. I have had different ones at different times in my life. When I was going through my first divorce (from the mad scientist,) I sang that one that said, “ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride. I’m running and I can’t slow down, oh no, I gotta keep a movin’.” Maybe you know it.

But my over all long term favorite is James Taylor’s “Secret o’ Life.” It says: “The Secret o’ Life is enjoying the passing of time. Any fool can do it. There ain’t nothin’ to it. Nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill. But since we’re on the way down, might as well enjoy the ride…..try not to try too hard. It’s just a lovely ride.”

That song helps me find balance and not take my self too seriously. It’s also a very peaceful song.

Whatever it is you need most right now in your life: focus, determination, peace of mind, joy, find a song that speaks to that goal and start singing it to yourself whenever you need an infusion. Songs are actually a form of self hypnosis. They bypass your critical mind and go right into the subconscious. Happy Singing!

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