Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques #8″

Here’s one I like to use to break the sludge out of my energy field. It helps you manifest whatever you are trying to draw to you, especially new business.

Imagine a tennis ball size energy ball in your solar plexus. Whatever color you imagine it is perfectly fine. Now concentrate on growing the energy ball. Feel it and see it getting bigger. Make it so big and concentrated that it explodes and shoots out of the solar plexus, clearing any debris in your energy field. When I do it, I always imagine that there is sludge cover me. The sludge is basically all the BS we have to put up with in a given day that might stick to us.

Remember the movie, GhostBusters? “He slimed me!” So with this technique you can clear off the slime. When your energy field is clear, you think more clearly and can attract more good things to you.

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