“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #16

Here is a tip to help you increase your mental flexibility. It actually came from a Toastmaster “Success Communication” workshop. Imagine this scenario. You are a builder who has just purchased a large parcel of land, south of town, adjacent to a bird sanctuary. You feel the beauty of the land and the convenience access to the expressway make this area an excellent choice to build homes. However, the bird sanctuary people are extremely concerned about the noise you will cause to the nesting birds. The mayor and city council want the tax income that will be generated from the subdivision, but the mayor’s sister-in-law is on the board of the Bird Sanctuary. To top it off, the EPA has gotten involved in the dispute.

Outline the points of view of each party.
Come up with the key concerns for each person.
What are some potential solutions to the situation that will satisfy all parties involved?
Why would learning to see all sides of the situation be useful to you?
How does learning to see all perspectives strengthen your mind power?

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