“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” # 24

This is alternate perspectives #2. I get people in my office every day who are (a) stuck in unhappy marriages (b) stuck in unpleasant jobs (c) angry at the world for a whole slew of reasons (d) depressed (e) afraid to live (f) worried about ______ ( you fill in the blank.)

I tell them I’m in the “perspective changing business.” Especially when they don’t feel they have the energy and/or money to make a change at the time, I tell them that hypnosis can help them find a perspective on the situation that makes it more palatable.

Tony Robbins always tells the story about two guys who go to a party. One goes in the back door and finds a couple arguing vehemently in the kitchen. The other comes through the front door where everyone is laughing and telling jokes. The two compare notes later. The kitchen entrant thought the party was “horrible” and left early. The one who came through the front door stayed all night and had a terrific time. The only difference was there point of view.

So find something now that bugs the hell out of you, and find a new take on it. Find something about this irritating person, place or thing that you can appreciate and start focusing on that for the next two weeks. Notice how your attitude changes.

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