“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” # 26

There are lots of people teaching lots of classes about how to get in touch with your inner wisdom, higher self, or guidance system. We teach one method by putting the person in a hypnotic trance here. It’s an easy method if you are not resistant to going under. But you can use your dream time to find your guides. Or use the method I mentioned in the last journal entry. I have communicated with mine using a pendulum. When they can’t seem to get my attention, they yell at me to Pay Attention!!!

I believe, the simpler the method the better. Start by stating the intention, that you want to be in contact with your guidance system. Ask for answers or guidance. And then just pay attention for signs. Remember that movie with Selma Hayek where she plays a young newlywed in Vegas? She’s constantly trying to teach hubby about signs. In the end, she has lost her way, but now he believes so he brings her back around.

Signs literally are everywhere. I’ll write more about this in upcoming entries. Just start by trying to be more aware of everything around you.

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