“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” # 27

This is a very, very, very simple technique, but it can have major payoffs. Sit down and meditate on the question, “What is my deepest fear?” I guarantee you the answer will be amazing.

As an entrepreneur, I thought my deepest fear centered around running out of money… or not having enough money….or running out before I “got famous.”


When I sat down to start listing alternatives, the first thing I wrote was: No one will ever love me. Wow!!! I consider myself a pretty popular girl. I have many close friends and people tell me all the time how great they think I am. So what was that about? That can’t be right?

So I started listing more possibilities: All the ones about money, above, plus some about health and potential disaster, whatever I could think of. Nope, the correct answer was the first thing I wrote. wow!!

So then I started a process of examining where that idea came from and what to do about it. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. And things got immediately better in the finance department as well.

Try this first part and then we’ll talk about what to do about it when you find the answer.

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