“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #31

So now that you’re comfortable with two tarot decks, let’s go back to the issue of facing your deepest fear.

Suppose your fear is: Growing old alone. (fairly common)

If I chose a card from the Wanless (Voyager) deck while asking: What do I need to help me overcome this fear? The card is: Anger. The message: Let your anger out in non-abusive ways and you will be renewed and transformed. Channel your anger into creativity.
My experience as a hypnotist has taught me that emotions come in layers, like an onion. At the surface is anger. Then sadness, then fear. Perhaps this message is instructing you to peel the onion.

Judge for yourself.

Okay, here’s a message from Doreen Virtue’s fairies for overcoming whatever you have decided is your deepest fear.

Sexuality: Your sexual self needs some attention. (Must be talking to me personally!!) By drawing this card, you are being urged to be honest about your sexuality and to take appropriate steps.

Affirmation: My sexual self is attractive, healthy and able to experience great pleasure.

Hey, who is thinking about their fears when they’re having great sex anyway??

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