“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #32

You know that saying:  “You teach what you need to learn?” 

That saying has always been true for me.

I just finished writing a post that talked about our thought for the week being “Peace of Mind.”  The card suggested to the reader that:  No matter what goes on in your life, maintain your inner sense of peace.  (Good advice for the times we live in!)

I wrote the the post, added some fuel treatment to my gas tank, stopped to get more gas, and left for a breakfast meeting.  On approach to the Interstate, my car stalled.  I have an old car with carbon buildup that we’re working on eliminating, so I thought I just hadn’t added enough fuel treatment to the gasoline.

Called my brother.  He was too far away to be of assistance.  Called the mechanic.  He said, “Yes, get Roadside Assistance to bring gas.  If that’s not it, we’ll work on something else.”  (We’ve been working on it since December, but my Ford Escort has 196,000 miles on it and didn’t have any problems until this year, which is actually amazing.  The most I typically do for Old Blue is pat him on the dash and tell him he’s doing a great job.  My friend, Henrietta, actually jumped started him once using only Reiki.

Anyway, the Road Service guy, got there in the allotted 40 minutes.  But he said it was the fuel pump, which I just replaced in December.  While waiting for the tow truck, my Toastmaster buddy, David, called.  I told him what was going on.

“Can I help?”  were his words.  Spoken like a true Toastmaster and Southern Gentleman.

“Naw, I said independently, “tow truck is on it’s way {an hour estimated arrival time.}  At least I’m not a Hurrican Ike victim, or dying of cancer or having a limb amputated.  As a hypnotist, I hope I know how to not sweat the small stuff.”

“Right,” said always agreeable David.  “I’m surprised you didn’t hypnotize the car.”

So this lesson is:  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  If you do, bad things tend to snowball out of control.  If you stay focused, they will turn around. 

Gotta go!  Here comes the tow truck.

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