“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #34

There are several powerful but very simple techniques that I use in my hypnosis practice that I teach to my clients. In my opinion, the most effective techniques are always the simplest. One of them is called the Sedona Method.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:
The Sedona Method is a self-help technique developed by the late engineer/physicist/businessman Lester Levenson after a serious heart attack nearly ended his life. Lester regained his health and attributed his renewed positive outlook to a process of self-inquiry of one’s beliefs and related emotions.

The process is designed to examine any emotion that one is experiencing and then “let it go” or release it in the moment. The basic premise is that all emotions naturally come and go out of experience unless one resists them. The idea is supported in the writings of Carl Jung who noted, “What we resist persists.”

Hale Dwoskin, President of Sedona Training Associates, has appeared in The Secret and is the primary teacher and facilitator of the Sedona Method. Hale learned the Sedona Method from Lester Levenson beginning in 1976 and worked closely with Lester until Lester’s death in 1994.

The process is taught as a practical technique that is related to a similar process called the Release Technique, which is taught by another former student of Lester Levenson’s, Larry Crane.

The way I do it is like this: Let whatever thoughts you have on a particular topic come to mind (stick with one topic at a time.) Let’s use “money worries” as our example since that seems to be the hot topic right now. So let all your thoughts and beliefs about money come to mind. Don’t evaluate them. They are not good or bad. They are just phenomena.

Then notice where you are feeling your emotions about the topic. The feeling center is between the chest and pelvis.

Make a window where you have the feelings and let them out. Don’t try to push or pull them out. I usually tell people to imagine they are like butterflies floating away. Butterfly is the symbol for transformation, so that’s a nice metaphor.

You will notice fairly quickly that you feel much more calm and relaxed. Any negative emotions that you hold on to become stuck in your system and can result in physical illness or dis-ease.

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