“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” 37

There are many different aspects to Mind Power. There’s creativity. Wisdom. Intellect. And, if you study the mind, you’ll discover scientists now recognize at least six different types of intelligence (mathematical/logical, artistic, spatial, emotional, intuitive, verbal.) There’s focus, concentration, memory, self confidence, persistence, determination. And, there’s the ability to integrate the various aspects of intelligence to pioneer new concepts and revolutionize existing theories and practices.

I beleive if you want to strengthen your mind power, you need to do some work in all these areas regularly. Just living your life, if you have the normal ups and downs of the average Joe, will strengthen many of these skills.

But, today I want to talk about what NOT to do. That’s right. Today, let’s focus on things that will discourage mental strength. The depleters
fall into three basic categories: (1) Toxins, (2) Habits and Routines (3) Dogma.

Toxins– Not putting toxic substances into your body should be a no-brainer. Alcohol kills brain cells, not to mention the liver. And cigarette smoking interferes with the body’s ability to relax. If the body doesn’t relax, the mind doesn’t relax. A mind that can’t relax is not going to self-discover or find inner wisdom.

Trust me, I work with cigarette smokers every day. They all think that cigarettes relax them, until they discover hypnosis. Once they see what REAL relaxation is like, they never go back.

Anyway, back to the main subject. Even more disruptive to the mind are pharmaceuticals. {my big soap box.} And it’s bad enough to take ONE legal drug, but I see people who are on 17 or 42 different prescription meds. No one can predict what will go wrong in the body from all those unnecessary and counter-productive Legal drugs.

If you know any thing about addictions, you know that emotional growth stops where the addiction starts. I once dated a musician who I later discovered had started abusing alcohol around age 12. Guess how old he acted.

We’ll talk about Habits and Routines and their effect on the mind tomorrow. Until then, review what you’re putting into your body and mind.

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