“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #38

I started this topic yesterday with the three mental depleters that keep you from having Mind Power. We’ve already talked about toxins. Today’s topic: habits and routines.

Not only does doing the same old routine over and over make Jack a dull boy, it also stops new neural net from forming. New experiences add to our intelligence. Trying new things bolsters self confidence and increases creativity.

I remember taking a test to see if I had an entrepreneurial mind. One of the questions was: (a) Do you take the same path to work every day, or (b) do you go different routes? Of course, the entrepreneur’s answer was (b.)

A mind needs to be fed, just like the body does. One important form of sustenance is “new experiences.” It doesn’t matter particularly if those experiences are good or bad either. Bad experiences, and in particular, climbing your way out of bad experiences, builds creativity. But it also builds: persistence, determination, self confidence, resiliency, intestinal fortitude and emotional intelligence. My ex-mother-in-law ( I call her my “soul mother”) always said, “Kathy, I know these are character-building experiences, but how much more character do we need?”

Dogma is akin to habits. We’ll talk about them tomorrow.

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