“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #40

The solution to Dogma. Remember that 60’s bumper sticker? Question authority.

One of my earliest and best experiences with the concept came from attending Catholic School. I was CONSTANTLY in trouble with the nuns!!
But the nuns, and my Dad, taught me to think for myself.

If more people had questioned authority several years ago, I’m convinced we wouldn’t be in our present economic predicament. (I remember reading the book The Great Depression of 1990 back in the 80’s and thinking it was correct. We simply delayed it by a decade.)

I have to stay pretty low-key about politics though. I’m one of those all-or-nothing kind of people. If I’m involved in something, I can’t just be “somewhat involved.” (Thus, my problems with men in relationships.)
If I were to be involved in politics, I’d have to be a Revolutionary. Uh oh, now the boys with code names have it in writing.

Anyway, you can use your own personal energy field to change what is going on around you. I do it all the time. I’m not going to tell you that it happens immediately, but it does happen.

To affect change in the Interconnected Universe, link up with like minded individuals and focus on your intention. I’ve worked with people to avert hurricanes to less populated areas. I am currently working to improve the economics and liveability of my neighborhood, something I have done for years, and it always works. People constantly tell me, when they meet my next-door-neighbor, Uncle Ernie, you are so lucky to have a neighbor like him. NO, I’m not. I intended it.

You can link up with people all over the world who are doing this. There are all types of websites where people get together and focus attention. One place that does is

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