“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #42

I teach a class every first and third Thursday night here at the Wellness Center in San Antonio. It’s about Manifesting Your Reality, based on the ideas from the movie, The Secret, which I have been practicing for about 20 years, long before the movie came out. In our class, we focus on little simple ways to keep a positive focus. I have talked about the importance of consistency in this blog before.

Every motivational guru says unsuccessful people do the same things successful people do, they just don’t do them consistently.  Sit down and make a list of the top three things you could do more consistently to improve your mind power.  Uncle Ernie,  my next-door-neighbor, does the New York Times crossword puzzles every day.  His mind is as fresh as a spring flower.  He would puke if he knew I said this, but he doesn’t have the internet, so I think I’m safe. 

What could you start doing today to have a mind like Uncle Ernie’s when you’re 78?  As Tony Robbins says, “Do it!’

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