“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #43

Here’s an idea I first wrote about years ago, but it’s still POWERFUL. Pick a topic, any topic…money, religion, romance, family, work, but just pick one. Then start writing down what you believe about that subject. Example: Money: “money makes the world go ’round,” “it takes money to make money,” “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” “you have to work hard for your money.” Then pick another topic and do the same.

Then go back and see where any of your beliefs are in conflict with each other. Trust me. You have them. Where things get sticky for me is in the criminal justice department. On one hand, my “new age/holistic self” believes “we all come into each other’s lives learn life lessons.” (so someone who mugs you, for example, came to do that the two of you could learn lessons from the experience.)
However, my “Braveheart self” believes the old testament eye-for-an-eye. I think the way to stop stealing is to have criminals’ hands chopped off. Use your imagination when it comes to pedophilia. I’m very hard line in the criminal justice department. No bleeding heart here.

The problem with conflicting beliefs is that they tie up alot of energy that could be used productively elsewhere. And they waste ALOT of energy. So one must find a way to resolve the conflice: either by eliminating or altering one belief, or by changing or eliminating them both.

It’s hard work, but you will feel so much lighter and clearer when you do it. Give it a whirl. Let me know how it goes.

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