“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #45

Sorry I’ve been remiss on the Mind Power Techniques.  We’ve been very busy at the Wellness Center.  But now that the Presidential election is behind us, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (even you Republicans!!) It’s back to developing our minds.

I mentioned a while ago that we had an Expressive Art Class coming up.  Actually, it was Expressive Art and Deep Ecology.  I knew the class would be good, but it was AMAZING!!  I’m one of those people who is really in to self-discovery.  IF you are, too, find one of these classes and go take it.  IF you live in the San Antonio area or will be visiting in early 2009, I know Dianne Monroe will be teaching another one here.

Anyway, I’ve got pictures.


This Deep Ecology project required us to go find something in nature to connect with.  I chose a tree that didn’t appear to be doing too well.  I picked up all kinds of natural materials around it and on it, leaves, bark, little wild flowers, a bottle cap.  Then I just sat and chilled out with the tree. When we went back to class, she gave us natural materials to include in our project, like modeling clay.  We could use what we wanted.  I called my project “Connectedness” because I had the most overwhelming feeling of connectedness sitting there with the tree.  It was beyond words.  Deeply moving.  Thus, Deep Ecology, I guess. 

We had to write about the experience.  Then we also wrote a poem.

Try it.  Sit somewhere in nature for 30 minutes or so.  Then use whatever materials you want and use art to express how you feel after the experience.  I promise you will be blown away.

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