“Sixty days of Mind Power Techniques” #46

Here’s another idea from the Art class.  This portion is from Expressive Art.  We had to use art to express an emotion we were having difficulty with.  Two popped in to mind right away with me, and surprised me:  resentment and guilt.  Yuck!  I chose to work with resentment.  Don’t ask me to explain logically what the art meant, but it FELT right.

Here’s the photo.


She puts you in a little trance before you do the art so that helps you get in touch with the right imagery.  It’s very personal, so looking at my art probably won’t do anything for you, but I can tell you I didn’t even realize I was holding resentment in that part of my body as I like to pride myself on not feeling resentment.  Hummh??  But it made perfect sense after I drew the picture.

To experience this I believe it’s best to work with an instructor.  At the very least, you would need to listen to a trance cd first. 

Got any aches, pains or physical issues any where in your body?  Try this technique to make a better connection between your mind and your body.  We’ve talked about using hypnosis to find out what the body is trying to tell the mind.  Here is another way.

IF you’d like to know more about Expressive Art and Deep Ecology, here is some of Dianne Monroe’s reading list.  Art is a Way of Healing by Pat B. Allen; Drawing from the Heart by Barbara Ganim; My Name is Chellis and I’m Recovering from Western Civilization by Chellis Glendnning; Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche by Bill Plotkin; Ecopsychology; Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind by Theodore Roszak.

To find out more about Dianne Monroe and her classes, visit her website at www.diannemonroe.com.

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