“Now that’s a Cinnamon Roll!”

There are all kinds of cooool things to do and see on the southside of San Antonio, especially if you’re not in a hurry and like historic things and trees and taking your time.  That’s why I love living here so much.  One neat place to stop if you like home cookin’ or have a sweet tooth (No dieters, please!!!) is Mr. Tim’s Kitchen.  Just drive down South St. Mary’s just past downtown ’til you see the Big Orange Fork and the psychedelic looking building.


Mr. Tim came from somewhere down south of here, one of those little towns with a woman’s name, on the way to the coast, maybe.  I understand he comes from a family of restauranteurs.  He makes great biscuits, too.  You can dine inside or sit out on the patio, but I hope you like country and western music if you dine al fresco because that’ the only music playing outside.   Uncle Ernie and I have only been for breakfast, but I understand the lunches are really great.

I’ve been told by people in the know that the cinnamon rolls have an even better flavor than the ones LuLu used to make at LuLu’s.

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