“Urban Renewal comes to the Southside”

  The south side of San Antonio has become a beehive of redevelopment activity over the last few years.  And, thanks to Texas A&M plans to build a facility on the southside, it’s only going to get better.  Old buildings are getting spruced up every day, like the ones in the photos on South Presa St.  And some are being turned into residences, like these lofts.


Here’s a quote from the neighborhoods page of http://www.sanantonio.com/neighborhoods/Downtown   San Antonio bustles with social and commercial activity. Historical buildings, award-winning restaurants, bars and hotels pepper the skyline. Nightlife reigns supreme in this area. High-rise apartments and lofts offer affordable housing options best suited to yuppies. While many locals do venture downtown on weekend to enjoy the myriad dining and entertainment options, most residents prefer to live in less congested parts of the city.

For the best of both worlds, just south of downtown is the place to be. The King William area, settled by wealthy German merchants in the 1800s, has experienced considerable rejuvenation in the last few decades. Property values have skyrocketed, making it the city’s new cultural nucleus. On the first Friday of each month, Southtown art galleries, boutiques and restaurants play host to a fun, bohemian event known as Art Walk — a favorite among locals. Majestic homes converted into charming apartments can often be rented inexpensively. Perfect for artsy types.

I totally agree that living on the southside gives you “the best of both worlds.”  Come check it out and see what I mean.

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