“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #48: Emotion as the Gas Pedal to Manifesting

I’ve been telling people for years that “Belief is the steering wheel, but emotion is the gas pedal that gets you want you what out of life.”  I said this long before the movie, The Secret, popularized it.

I had an excellent example of this method in action today.  Today I was talking to Veronica, our massage director, here at the Wellness Center, about a particular project we are working on.  The more we talked the more excited we got.  Lots of high fives and “this is a great idea!”  We really had the energy at a fever pitch.  When in walks the physical manifestation of the project.  IT blew us away!! Later when chatting on the phone about it, she said, “Hey, we need to use this process of other things to create them instantly in our lives.”

So here’s what you do:  find a kindred spirit, someone who thinks like you about a particular subject, maybe you have a pet project you’re working on together.  Then let your imaginations run wild.  Get each other really psyched up about the subject.

Then let it happen.  The more you build up the emotion, the quicker it will happen.  Remember, emotion is the gas pedal.

Give it a try.

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