Moore Inspirations

“Need a Cheap Haircut in SA?”

Dolores is my beautician.  She charges $7.95 for short hair.  Another nice thing about the South side is things are cheaper.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood and want a hair cut, she’s about a block down from the intersection of Roosevelt and Mitchell St. , on the left side of the street as you are traveling south.  If you get to Los Amigos Fruteria, you have gone too far.

Dolores phone number is 210- 831-3464.  She loves Betty Boop.  Everything in her shop is Betty Boop.  She usually has a movie playing on the TV.

Once you’re finished with Dolores, stop and get a fruit salad at Los Amigos.  I buy the big ones for parties and they are only $6.95 and come with fresh coconut slices.  They make great fruit salads at the fruteria.

When you come, tell them Kathy the hypnotist sent you.