“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” # 49

I love metaphors!!! When I talk to people about mind power, I use this metaphor:  It’s like training a dog to walk on a leash.  When you first start out, you might have beginner’s luck, like I did with my two, Girlfriend ( the Zen queen, a labrador retriever) and Jake ( a gentle but protective pitbull mix.)  The first time we did it, they were angels.  After that they got progressively worse, as I didn’t walk them very often.

So, too, with mind control, consistent practice is most important.  That’s why our Law of Attraction/Secret/Manifesting meets twice a month (first and third Thursdays.)  Practice your techniques.  You don’t need quantity.  You need quality.  If slipping in to negative thinking is your biggest problem, then pick one or two techniques for changing negatives to positives and practice those until they become second nature.  (I’ll share one with you in the next tip.)

If procrastination is your biggest demon, practice a couple of those techniques.  (I’ll share some in # 51.)

If being stuck in a rut is your biggest problem, work on one or two of those techniques.  We talked about some creativity boosters, in tips # 23 for example and there are many others.  Better yet, buy a Creative Whack Pack.

Most importantly to training that mental dog to walk on a leash and do what you want, is to set your intention.  After I had the problems with Jake and Girlfriend, who acted like they wanted to pull my arms out of socket, I set the intention that THEY WOULD Learn, things got better.

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