“Sixty days of Mind Power Techniques” #50

One of the best things you can do to get the Negative Mind under control is to (1) Become aware of the typical negative statements you make about yourself or your life (2) Rewrite the most common negatives to positive affirmations (3) When you catch yourself speaking negatively, immediately replace the negative with the positive and say it several times for good measure, or make up a little ditty that you sing to yourself. The song is even better because songs increase the level of emotion.

It’s goofy, but here’s one I sing to my Lab, Girlfriend: “Girlfriend, the wonderdog, smart as she can be!” Imagine how great this would be if you sang it to your child, if you have one. As a hypnotist, I cringe ever time I hear some (stupid) parent making a comment like this to their child, “Boy, that was dumb, wasn’t it?” “Are you crazy?” “That was a stupid mistake!” “When are you ever going to learn…”

Become aware of the negative thoughts you think and say to yourself and automatically transform them. You can even write out affirmations and put them on the bathroom mirror, the steering wheel of your car, anyplace you’re likely to notice.

Try it.

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