“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #53

We’re on our last week of mind power techniques.  Time to start putting all the techniques you’ve learned to good use.  For me, the most important reason to improve our minds is to improve creative problem solving skills.  Goodness knows we’ve got plenty of problems ahat could stand to be creatively solved in this country right now.  We’ve worked on The Auto Manufacturers and the Economy last time.

How about you take a shot at Education this time?  One of Roger von Oech’s techniques is “Look someplace else.”   Look at a completely different kind of industry than Education and find something from it that you can use in the Education world to improve what’s already there.

For example, what could you borrow from the Entertainment World to improve our education system?

What idea could you borrow from Landscape Design to use in Education?  You might have to think metaphorically.  Did you read that technique?

I’ll tell you a story to get your imaginative juices flowing.  My friend Doug Kelly used to be the education director for a retired Naval ship.   He set up a program with the schools in which kids could get credit in math, history, science for various aspects of things that they learned on board.  He said kids would use their vacation time to come in because it was so much fun.  It was good for the ship, too, because it brought more people to the museum.  The business partnered with the education system.

So how can you improve our Education system?  Share your thoughts on the blog.

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