“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #56

So we’ve started on a process to break up weight loss into incremental behavorial changes.  The others on our list to change were:  lack of exercise, eliminating cravings, emotional eating.

We hypnotists have a trick for increasing exercise.   Tell yourself you are just going to exercise for one minute every day.  Preposterous you say!!! What good is 1 minute a day?  Nobody exercises for just one minute!

That’s right.  Once you do sixty seconds of exercise, it’s like just doing one of the 60 mind power techniques.  You can’t stop at just one.  The key is the consistency.  Make sure you do at least one minute per day.  Then, when you are consistent, let’s say, for a month, build your time to five minutes.

Cravings:  one of the best ways to deal with cravings is to find healthy substitutes.  I mentioned that in the last post.  Another theory of cravings centers on craving for emotional reasons.  In her book, Constant Cravings by Doreen Virtue, she talks about the emotional roots of some cravings.  For example, people who crave ice cream are said to have been denied Mother’s Milk.  I don’t know.  I’m not an ice cream craver.

At any rate, if you’re craving, ask yourself:  What do I really want that I’m trying to solve with this craving?  If it’s loneliness, call a friend.  If it’s boredom, find something else to do with your time during this time period.

One way I avoid eating in front of the television is to do free weights.  If your hands are busy lifting weights, they can’t shovel food. 

Break the problem down into processes and change the process (like the example above of what to do with your hands, instead of picking up food.)

Try it.  It’s fun.

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