“Sixty Days of Mind Power Tips” #57

Today we’re going to practice a very simple technique, that will be the hardest to master yet most powerful technique you will ever use.

Today you learn to listen.  I teach active listening on the very first day of Hypnosis Training because the secret to being a great hypnotist is being a good listener.  Listening, like scratch baking, is a lost art.  Actually, being a good listener is at the top of the list for most job requirements.

I thoroughly believe most of the emotional and mental problems in our country would be solved if people only learned to listen to each other.

So tomorrow, here is what I want you to do:  Whenever someone speaks to you, repeat what they say back to them.  If they correct you, you misheard.  Repeat it again.  Not in an irritating fashion, but in a way that let’s them know they’ve been heard.

One of the biggest gifts I ever received was that two friends told me I was a terrible listener.  This happened back in 1994.  I was devastated at the time.  But, once I got over the shock and realized they were right, I decided to change.  My whole life changed as a result of that decision.

Try it.  And let me know what happens.

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