Using Hypnosis to Help Children Deal with Anger

Little Johnny (not his real name) was ten years old when his mother brought him to see me.  “He’s having trouble dealing with anger,“ she told me.


Johnny sat with his head down and his eyes lowered in the big, over-stuffed green recliner.  All of my questions were met with a shrug of his brave shoulders and a muttered, “ I don’ know.”  My last comment must have touched a nerve because when I said, “Your mom says you’re getting angry alot,” tears started rolling down his tanned cheeks.  Soon he was sobbing.


“It’s okay,” his mother and I said in unison.  “Even big guys cry in this chair,” I added.  Since I specialize in working with anxious clients, it’s easy for me to spot a “high sensitive.”  Ninety percent of all the people who come to see me for anxiety are “sensitives.”


I asked “When your mom feels sad, can you feel it, too?”  After nodding vigorously, he cried even more.  So I explained to him that he could feel things other people couldn’t feel or weren’t willing to feel.  I explained further that I was going to teach him how to put a bubble around himself so he would only absorb happy feelings from others.  Also, his bubble would take the negative feelings and change them to happy ones before sending them back to the other person.


Next we talked about “magic rocks.”  “Black rocks can absorb the negative energy,” I said.  “Is that why he’s always bringing me ‘magic rocks?’ his mom asked amazedly.  “Yes,” I said. 


Johnny was a natural healer.  So I gave him one of my rocks to keep with him all the time.  “Just rub it if you’re feeling bad and it will take the bad feelings away,” I told him.


Finally we did a very simple healing visualization where he met his guardian angels, his favorite super hero (Super Man) and his animal totem, which turned out to be a pit bull.  I thought that was cool because he was afraid of the dark and needed a protective animal guide.  I suggested in trance that the pit bull would guard the bedroom door at night so no negative energy could get inside.


Super Man took the bad feelings away with Kryptonite and the angels hugged him and told him he was loved and very special.


By the time we finished, the shy little boy had turned into an inquisitive chatterbox.  As he was leaving, I gave him one of my “let it go” posters and said, “Teach your family and friends how to sing the song when they are feeling bad.” 


Children are very resilient.  Most of the time they only need one session for anger.

2 thoughts on “Using Hypnosis to Help Children Deal with Anger

  1. Kathy, that is a powerful story. I, too, am what you describe as a “sensitive” so I can relate to Johnny’s story. Thank you for sharing it!

    I got a lot of benefit from working with you when I was in San Antonio. I miss you and I hope you are doing well and your practice is thriving. You really know your stuff.

    Michelle E. Vásquez

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