Food as Inspiration: Kathy’s All-American Pancakes

You probably never expected to see a pancake recipe in an inspirational blog, but I find inspiration EVERYWHERE!  All modesty aside, I’d put my pancakes up against any pancake on Earth.  If Texas had a pancake cook-off instead of a chili cook-off, I’d be right up there in the big middle of it…grinnin’ like the Cheshire cat.

My basic philosophy of food, is that healthy food should be delicious, and my pancakes exemplify that doctrine.  They are scrumptiously loaded with just about every healthy ingredient you could think to put in a pancake.  Now, for those of you who aren’t sold on the “healthy-delicious” mantra, you can use regular white pancake flour as your base.  However, I promise, you will not lose any flavor points if you take the leap and use whole grain or sweet otato flour.

Is your mouth watering yet? Good.  Here goes…..(make a batch and then email me with your results.)

Pancakes for Three Hungry People at 4th of July breakfast

1 cup whole grain or sweet potato flour (sub: ½ and ½ with regular pancake mix)

1 egg

¼ cup chopped walnuts or pecans

¼ cup chopped strawberries (RED)

¼ cup blueberries (BLUE)

¼ cup sliced bananas (WHITE)

tsp cinnamon

tbs. Flax seed ground

¼ cup Oatmeal – not instant

½ to 1 cup water for desired consistency

Blend all ingredients.  Then add water for desired consistency.  Fry in butter in frying pan.  Top cooked pancakes with your favorite syrup, butter or whipped cream. Garnish with fruit and nuts for eye appeal.

From the basic recipe I’ve given you, come up with your favorite alternates.  I sometimes use cherries or apples.  But I think peaches would be great, too.  Blackberries and raspberries, too.  Sweet potato flour is awesome!  Let your own muse inspire you.

p.s.– Stay tuned for more inspirational recipes.

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