“Hypnosis for Cheerleaders : Small Business Marketing Tip”

You know how sometimes you can look at something for so long that you don’t see it?  That would be ME today.

I’ve been teaching individuals, usually small business owners, marketing techniques for years.  You know:  how to build clientele on a shoe string, how to effectively use PR, no-cost advertising tips.  I always tell business owners to lead with their strengths.  Don’t try to be everything to every body.  You can’t afford the advertising. Be really good at something.  It’s easier to build a reputation at just one thing.  You become the “go-to” person for that topic.

In my case, it’s Working with Anxious People, and Helping People who want to Quit Smoking.  I do those types of sessions all the time with wonderful success.  Does it mean I don’t do any thing else?  Of course not.  Just means I have built a reputation in these two areas.

Well, low and behold, as I was busy growing my business, even in a down economy, unlike many hypnotists, my business is still there, even without spending money on advertising….I had a new Eureka moment.  Something I’ve done many times, with great success.  I just never stopped to realize I had developed a level of expertise in it until the most recent mom called me just this week.

I’m really good at helping cheerleaders get over their fears. I’ve done about 40 of these sessions, all with great results.  And the funny thing about hypnosis is this:  when you help someone in one area of their life, it tends to bleed over into other areas.

So, if you are a cheerleader, the parent of a cheerleader, or someone who knows a cheerleader who is struggling right now, especially with fear of doing back flips, give me a call at 210-735-6766 or email me.  And if you want to know how the session works, read the next post.


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