“Mexican Dining on the South Side”

If you’ve read this blog before, you probably know I’m a Southsider.  I live in the AUTHENTIC SAN ANTONIO.  If you are visiting here, be sure you come to the southside (that includes the area from downtown all the way to the southernmost mission, Espada.  (See map.  http://www.classbrain.com/artmonument/publish/san_antonio_missions_nhp_park_map.shtml)

And, if you want to eat REAL San Antonio Mexican Food, be sure to eat it on the Southside.  Here are two of my favorites.  Neither is a tourist trap.  Both have great food and service and you will not even come close to spending a fortune.

If you show up on a Saturday night, and sit on the patio, you will probably see Uncle Ernie and I at El Mirador.

http://elmiradorsatx.com/ Chris always waits on us.  But, no matter who waits on you, the service is excellent.  We have never had a bad meal or bad service or even mediocre food or service.  Last week, my good friends, Kurt and Marlina, were visiting from Santa Rosa, CA.  It was Kurt’s birthday.  He told, Lisa, the manager, that the Fish Tacos were the best he’d ever had.  This place feels like family.  If you become a regular, like we are, they visit with you.  IF the weather is bearable, be sure to sit on the veranda.  It’s magical.

My choices from the menu:  Steak ala Diana, Numero Dos, or my absolute favorite, The Empanada.  If they are making them that night, ask for Spinach Enchiladas.  They are not listed on the menu, but they are fabulous.  Tell them I sent you!

PS– Stay tuned for our newest find.

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