“Exercise #2 for Increasing Flow: Virtual Walk in the Forest”

The following is an abbreviated version of one of my hypnosis scripts.  Make a recording of it for yourself and practice using it to go into flow.  Feel free to change some of the wording if it doesn’t feel right to you.  Once you’ve done this session for a few weeks, try an actual walk in the forest and see what happens.

To begin this process, …look up at a 30 degree angle, … to a spot above you on the ceiling.  Maintain your focus on that spot… Just keep looking at that spot… Your eyes will gradually get heavier… and heavier… and will close …all by themselves… without you having to do anything about it…  Don’t try to keep them open. .. But don’t try to force them closed either… Just relax… and continue to gaze at that spot on the ceiling… and your eyes will close all by themselves. …heavier, heavier, and heavier…just letting them relax as you go deeper into peace and calm…relaxing, relaxing,  that’s right…..

And, as your eyes close, allow them to stay closed…as you begin to breathe deeply … and peacefully… totally unconcerned about what happens next… Just happy to be in this wonderful, safe, tranquil place…

Feel yourself drifting…down… and floating into a peaceful, euphoric place… a safe place inside yourself.  That’s right– find your own comfort zone, your own safe place, and move freely into it… Relax into that safe place inside yourself, down into the core of your being, into perfect stillness.

Tune in to your body, noticing everything that is going on inside it.  Tell your body it can relax NOW.  And, …as your body relaxes, let your mind relax as well…

Now imagine you are walking through a beautiful forest, near a stream of fresh clear water, on a perfect summer day.

There is a warm, gentle breeze, and the air is fresh and clean…  You feel very relaxed and calm, perhaps walking barefoot on the fresh grass and smelling the grass and trees, maybe even smelling the warm breeze…

The sound of the peaceful stream is very relaxing… You continue to feel more and more relaxed and secure… Just listening to the peaceful sounds of nature… and it keeps becoming less important for you to consciously listen to my voice, because your inner mind is hearing and receiving everything I say…

In your mind, you are enjoying the beauty of nature.  Notice the sunlight shining through the trees.  Listen to the gentle flow of water… to the birds singing cheerfully…

As you continue to walk, you begin to notice all the creatures of the forest around you… You may see fish in the stream or birds in the trees or in the nearby meadow… You may also see furry creatures or reptiles and amphibians.

You may even notice insects or plants.  All these living things are symbols for you to help you on your journey.  If you allow it, you can encounter nature guides from the plant, animal and even from the mineral kingdoms today that will help you to achieve flow in your life.   Begin now to notice the particular ones who have come to be on this trip with you.

Is there anything unusual about them?  their coloring?  their posture?  Where are they when you notice them and what are they doing?  Are they alone or with others?

Some of these minerals, plants, insects or animals may have special messages for you, information to help you improve your business decision-making ability. You may hear them speak actual words or telepathically…or they may give you an object or something symbolic…they may even have a specific expression on their face… that gives you a clue.  Pay attention to everything in your surroundings.  Everything can be a message to you when you learn to pay attention.  Notice everything about these creatures now and the message or gift that they have for you…

Take this peaceful, relaxing time, now to walk up to the minerals, animals, plants or insects that have messages or gifts for you.  Take the time now to hear the messages that are important for you one at a time.


Now …when you are finished… thank your new friend or friends, and send them on their way… and know that you will be able to recall this experience easily and journal about it when this session concludes, if you’d like.  Also know that any of these guides are here to help you any time you need answers.  And, you can always talk to them in through your subconscious.

And Continue your pleasant walk in this magical forest…As you are continuing to walk, enjoying your solitude, you become more and more aware of everything around you.  It’s as if all your senses are suddenly magnified and intermingled.  You can hear the color in the trees, see the sounds of the wind and feel the smells all around you.   You notice details down to the tiniest insects scurrying underfoot and as large as the entire skyline.  In fact there seems to be a type of pattern developing, just like a holograph, between the tiny details and the biggest pictures around you.  These patterns form messages that help you to understand everything in the Universe more clearly.  And you suddenly realize that you are beginning to read these holographic patterns just as easily as you can read a book or a road map.

Also, as you continue to walk, you become more aware of a concept that you already knew, and that is, that everything in the Universe is made up of energy.  But you don’t just believe that the concept is true now, you KNOW it, you feel it, you see it taking place all around you.  As you continue walking you feel the energy coming from different objects, both animate and inanimate, rocks, plants, the road under your feet, the wind in your hair, the sunshine you feel, all are energy.  And all this energy has it’s own pattern, it’s own code, and you’re beginning to recognize how to speak the language of each now… in fact it’s becoming effortless for you.

Just allow yourself a few quite moments, now, in this place, settle in to a place deep inside yourself and become aware of the energy surrounding you.  Notice yourself becoming more peaceful and calm… more at ease… with every breath you exhale… and as you continue breathing this way… in through your heart… and out through your crown.

When you are ready to come back, count yourself up from one to ten and come back to waking awareness, feeling wonderful.

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