Came across this website because I am attending a Health Productivity Conference in which this topic will be discussed:  Improving Brain Productivity to Reduce Depression.  Here is what MyBrainSolutions lists as their benefits:

MyBrainSolutions is an interactive brain training site which brings together a brief objective brain assessment, games, videos and trackers designed to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Boost your memory and attention
  • Maximize your positivity

I emailed them to ask if they were including any hypnosis in their “games” and “activities” as these are just “some” of the benefits I have listed in my practice for over a decade.  I’ll let you know what they say.  Feel free to check it out yourselves.

(I love it when I see stuff in the news and on advertising that shows Medical Science people FINALLY starting to use the stuff we holistic types have been spouting for decades!  Like stevia!! Wow!  I’ve been preaching about stevia since 1999, and I learned about it from an herbalist who knew about it for at LEAST ten years before that.  NOW, that Sweet-n-Sick and Aspercrap have started losing market share to stevia, it finally makes sense for the Big Food to buy in to it.  Economics always rules.  So sad our former President made a D in college on the subject.)

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