Hypnotists can learn how to teach Pain and Stress Management to Nurses

Whether you are a hypnotist or a nurse, join me at the HypnoSummit which begins on March 27.  I will be LIVE discussing the subjects that I teach nurses and demonstrating  specific techniques I use to show them how to use hypnosis quickly and effectively in the hospital setting.  For the hypnotists, I will  be explaining how to market yourself to hospital nurses.

Nurses are an excellent client base and source of referrals for hypnotists.  They are in high-stress jobs and need better resources to help their patients reduce stress, anxiety and pain and to promote rapid healing.  I began working with nurses a decade ago, and  now teach C.E. courses at University Hospital in San Antonio for the Acute Pain Management Center.

A hospital environment is a wonderful setting to showcase the power of hypnosis to lower pain and stress and to accelerate healing.   Nurses are the ideal providers of hypnosis services; however, they must maneuver under a strict set of guidelines.

To learn more the HypnoSummit, read additional blog entries here or visit the official website at: http://www.hypnosummit.com/ You will also find more discussion at: www.hypnothoughts.com. When you register for the HypnoSummit, please put Kathy Moore in the space that says Invited By I will greatly appreciate it.

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