Week #1: Mental Yoga

It’s time for some new mental stretches.  Each week I’ll post a detailed description of a mind power exercise to stretch your mind muscle.  The abbreviated version is on my twitter page.

Here’s #1.  Look at something you see regularly from a new perspective.  Ruts are one of the worst things that can happen to a mind.  Ruts happen when we do the same old thing over and over again.  You stop using your creativity when that happens.

So — Bronze Level participants:  Find one thing this week you can look at from a different perspective.  Example:  You have an old car that breaks down alot.  You could:  Send your car on vacation and take the bus.  Start car pooling.  Ride your bike.  Walk.  Be grateful to your car for getting you this far.  Try using Reiki on your car.  Don’t laugh!  My friend, Henrietta, once jumpstarted my dead battery using Reiki.

Silver Level:  Find three things to look at differently this weekly.

Gold:  Make a goal to find one thing every week this year to look at from a different perspective.  Trust me, when you learn to stop looking at things in the same old way, here are just a few of the improvements you are likely to see: more centered and balanced, less driven by drama, more creative, calmer, happier, enjoying life more.

Happy Viewing!

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