Mental Yoga Week #3– Change Your Morning Routine

One of the things I always tell my Stop Smoking Clients is to change their morning routine.  Why?  About a third of all smokers do it strictly out of habit.  When you change the way you start your day, you are telling your subconscious, “Hey, we’re not doing the same old things any more.”  You look at life from a different perspective, like you do when you’re on vacation in a new place. You PAY ATTENTION.

That’s what making changes is all about:  paying attention to how you are doing things, focusing on what needs to be changed, and doing things differently.

So make a list IN ORDER of how you start your day.

Don’t tell me you don’t have a routine, because everyone does.

Then just change it up.  Change the order of things or add something healthy (like drinking a glass of water or taking 10 deep breathes) to the mix.

Happy Reprogramming!

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