Mental Yoga Week #5: Read the Sunday Paper for 10 new Biz Ideas

Here’s one for all you entrepreneurs out there.  Read the Sunday Paper (online is fine; I love the New York Times online.) and find 10 business ideas to develop.  Here are examples from one of my Sunday reads:

I read a story about Cancer Research which said the CTRC in San Antonio was not getting its share of research grants because the funders wanted grants that showed “thinking outside the box.”  I immediately thought of writing a proposal to them about using Hypnosis to help cancer patients heal.  I’ve worked sucessfully with cancer patients before.  Even if all they use it for is relaxation and stress management, it helps their other therapies work better.

Something I read made me thing about creating a Share-a-cab matching service.

Reading the “Volunteering” section of the SA Biz Journal made me think of putting together an online portal that matched charitable services with the type of  volunteer they need. It also made me think about writing a blog article about giving back as a form of self-therapy.

Milton Erickson, commonly thought of as the Father of Modern Hypnosis, frequently gave depressed clients assignments to go do something for someone else.  When you’re focused on other people and their problems, it’s pretty hard to think about your own.

I read the job want ads to see what’s going on at companies I am looking for a way to do busiess with.  This technique has served me well as a good foot in the door.

It’s not unusual to see problems in the newspaper.  It’s fairly uncommon to see solutions.  A good manager knows to tell an employee who complains frequently, “Don’t come to me with a problem, unless you also have a solution in mind.”

So, try it for yourself.  Before you start reading, set the intention that you are going to find 10 new business ideas or 10 ideas to help you with your own business.  The intention makes all the difference.

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