Mental Yoga Week #4: Mind Power for Kids

Last week I bought an above-ground pool while my youngest nephew was visiting.  He’s a Capricorn, so work is play to him.  He wanted to be in charge of putting together the ladder.

Try though he did, and as determined as he was, he could not figure it out.  Neither could my 80-year-old next-door-neighbor, who has a 165 IQ.

That night after I finished putting the filtration system together, I got out the directions and READ them, and put the ladder together.

I’m no more brialliant than the other two.  The difference, in my opinion, is focus.  My neighbor suffers from anxiety.  Anxious people will tell you, it is nearly impossible for them to concentrate on anything except what is making them worry.  And, that is more like obsessing than concentrating.  They are bombarded by LIFE, over-stimulated by their environment.  Kids are over-stimulated by gadgets:  I-phones, I-pods, I-pads, Facebook, My Space, TV.  No attention spans.  We are breeding a race of humans with no ability to focus!

When I sat down to build the ladder, I turned off the TV.  I rarely listen to music.  I love the sounds of silence!  I READ the instructions and I built it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if kids could do projects like this at school?

Instead of benefactors donating resources or money, they could donate Slight-Assembly-Required projects, like bookcases and tables and all kinds of equipment.  Each class could be assigned the projects for their own room. Kids could split up in teams to do the work.  The projects could be turned into contests…just like on Survivor!

Think of all the skills kids would learn:  teamwork, communication skills, reading, problem-solving, logic, manual dexterity, patience, kindness, leadership and most importantly focus. AND, best of all, they would learn something they could actually USE in real life.

What do you think?

One thought on “Mental Yoga Week #4: Mind Power for Kids

  1. I think you’re right on, Kathy! Today, I sent a Disney remote control car to my grandson for his third birthday. His dad is an Army guy training to be a helicopter pilot. When I called to ask how Logan was enjoying his present, my son (the soon to be pilot-listen now, the next part is scary) said, “Well, it doesn’t do much. It just sits there trying to spin around.” I asked, “Are you sure (Mr. Helicopter pilot) that you are working it correctly?” Of course, he did. But later, he called back saying, oh yeah, he’d figured it out and it was doing all the amazing things Disney claimed it would do after all.

    Harumph! What focus?

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