Mental Yoga Week #6: Play the Dictionary Game

This is a Sunday-after-Scrabble game that Uncle E and my friend, Cynthia, and I made up to keep the mental juices flowing.  Use a dictionary that includes the old words as well, if you can.  (It’s more fun!)

Each player takes turns finding a noun of which the other players have to guess the meaning.  The best words have very simple meanings, but you have NEVER heard of them.  If the answer is very complicated, such as: “a method of measuring the run-off of water in nano-seconds for use in erosion control policy making” ( I just made that one up!! Had you going there for a minute, right?)  You can accept “a unit of measurement of time” if you want.  The “word-giver” has discretion.

The word giver: reads the word and spells it and provides the date and nationality of origin.  Then the players take turn asking questions, similar to 20 questions. We don’t put a limit on the number of questions.  Eventually the players will give up on the word.

I suppose you could keep score if you’re into that sort of thing.  We never have.  Try it. Simple, fun and keeps the brain waves buzzing.

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