Mental Yoga Week #8- Read Mental Floss

One of my clients turned me on to this really cool magazine for those who need fairly regular mental stimulation. The magazine’s tagline is “where knowledge junkies get their fix.”

The periodical is an odd combination of articles about the origins of things, like this month’s well known medications in your drug cabinet; brain games; amazing math puzzles; and odd stories: 14 Quirkie College Donations and the Strings Attached.

Or how about this story from a back issue?

The 25 Most Influential Books Of The Past 25 Years

By Rosemary Ahern
This list isn’t about story arcs or beautiful prose; it’s about books with spine. Whether they’ve saved lives or gotten people killed, predicted America’s future or uncovered its past, these 25 books have all had real-world impact. Be prepared to wear your library card ragged!

Spend 30 minutes, if you dare, but beware.  One of my Gemini friends is still griping at me because she is now addicted to it!!

P.S.– I just had to add this post-script.  They have hilarious, one-of-a-kind gifts.  I plan to do most of my Christmas shopping there. Seriously.

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