Mental Yoga Week #11: Flex Your Manifesting Muscle

My definition of  “manifesting” is: the ability to consciously create what you want in your life through the power of your thoughts.”  The only difference between “manifesting” and everyday creation is the word “consciously.”  We create everything in our lives with our thought.  If you’re not a newcomer to my blog, you’ve known that for quite some time.

I will even go so far as to say I believe the current economic crisis is in great part a backlash to the “Secret: Create Your Own Reality” wave that swept the Nation for two years before the downfall.

Saying what you EMPHATICALLY DON’T WANT, is pretty much the same thing as saying you want it.  What you resist, you will draw to you.

So, to learn how to manifest appropriately, start with little, unimportant things, but make them unusual enough that it’s extremely unlikely that you would have acquired them by coincidence (if coincidence was real, anyway.)

Some of the wild and whacky things that I have conjured up mentally right out of the blue are:  very specific tools that noone knew I was looking for (my brother called not five minutes after I said, ” I need a _____ ” to say, “Hey, I got this in an estate sale and thought you might want it.”  There have been several times when I have thought something and gotten it almost before the thought is completely formed.

I think the trick is to put the thought out there LIGHTLY, as if it were a butterfly that you were setting free.  Release it gently. And then, don’t think about it again.  Obsessing about something is the BEST way to not get it.

Remember, right before the Crisis we had all those Secret people obsessing about mail boxes filled with cash.

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