Mental Yoga Week #13– Challenge Your Beliefs

I work with clients all the time who have, for example, an entire illness built around a faulty belief.  The most common one I hear is “It runs in my family.”  I’ve even said it myself.  “Well, diabetes runs in my family.”  Never mind that Adult onset Type II Diabetes is a function of poor diet and lack of exercise.  It runs in the family.  So, probably what the client really means to say is:  “Poor diet and lack of exercise run in my family.”

In my case, I’m the only person in my biological family who eats healthy.  I have a brother-in-law who does as well.  And I am definitely the only one who has always exercised on a regular basis.  So, my blood sugar and blood pressure continue to be very good.

Where I have tended to get in trouble with faulty beliefs are two areas: men and money.

For a good portion of my life, I had the belief (I’m not sure it’s completely gone) :  It takes money to make money.

Good thing Bill Gates didn’t subscribe to that belief when he started Microsoft in his garage.

The best way to find a faulty belief is to look at where you are having problems in your life, in your opinion, and then examine what you believe about that subject.  Then decide if believing something else (“tweaking your belief”) might be more beneficial to you.

For example, Gates probably thought, “It takes a Good Idea to Make Money.”  See what a difference that belief makes?

Clients are frequently shocked when I tell them, “Beliefs aren’t the Truth.  They are simply your version of it.” And we all proceed through the world and view it through the filter of our beliefs.

So, if things aren’t happening for you the way you want them to, look at your beliefs first.


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