Mental Yoga Week #14 — Stumble Upon new ideas

Sorry this post is late.  I usually post them on Sunday mornings, but I have a sick dog at home, so things are a little crazy around here.  My friend, Henrietta, my guardian angel, came and gave us both (me and the dog, Jake) energy work and I actually took a nap for 4 hours.  I’ve never taken naps!

Today I want to share a great tool for mental flexibility–  It comes very highly recommended:

“StumbleUpon is the greatest thing ever invented. The site makes the Internet–and by extension, the world–seem both bigger and smaller, infinite in its possibilities yet totally accessible.”  Oprah Magazine

It currently boasts 11,246,013 members.  Here are it’s main tenets: 1.  Get recommendations tailored to your unique preferences so you only see what you want and less of what you don’t.  2.  You’ll only see content already filtered by like-minded users who share your passions and interests.

You can take a tour of the site here:

I’m not going to say anything else about why it is a wonderful Mental Yoga tool.  Just take a leap of faith with me.

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