Mental Yoga Week #15– Try a Change of Scenery

I talk alot about the power of perception.  We are what we believe.  So… if you want to stretch your imagination, try a change of scenery.

This week I’m actually on a vacation for the first time in six years. The joys of entrepreneurship!

I’m visiting my friends Marilyn and Dennis in Nashville.  Yesterday we visited a blown glass exhibit at the museum and gardens started by the Maxwell House heirs.  (I’ll upload photos to this blog when I get back home to my equipment.  I’m writing this from my friend’s computer.)

Anyway, I had forgotten what a powerful restorative mental tonic it is to just
BE in a different location.

I slept like a baby both nights so far.

It’s a joy to be pampered and have no responsibilities other than eating, sleeping and writing this blog.

The mind on vacation gets a chance to untangle. 

I realize there are many of you out there worried about the economic situation.  You’d have to be an idiot not to be concerned.  But getting a change of scenery, even if it’s only for a day, helps shed a fresh perspective on your life.

Gotta go!  We’re going on a picnic for Dennis’ birthday.

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