Mental Yoga Week #16 Repurpose Something

James Spader rechannels his sexual energies in White Palace.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE HGTV!  Since I live in an OLD neighborhood, in an OLD house, I really love it when the Design Stars repurpose things.  Take something and use it for a different purpose.  Repurposing requires imagination and creativity, both important mental assets when you are trying to survive (or thrive) in the worst recession since the Great Depression.

But repurposing doesn’t just relate to design.

You can repurpose anything in your life.

One of the tenants of the classic self improvement book, Think and Grow Rich, talks about channeling sexual energy into making money.  Maybe you don’t want your repurposing to get that drastic, but you see what I’m talking about.

How about all that energy you waste yelling at stupid drivers in the morning.  Maybe you don’t, but I do.  How about doing something else with that energy?  Or all the pent up resentments towards the Idiot Boss?

The trick is to consciously make the decisions:  previous road rage will now be converted into planning/tracking weight loss activities; previous employer rage will now be channeled into finding a new job.

You get my drift.

Repurpose something.

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